The Top 3 Reasons to Get Married on the Beach

IB_068.jpgYou love the beach. After all, who doesn’t? But is a beach wedding the right choice for your upcoming nuptials? The answer is yes! It’s hard to count the number of reasons that getting married on the beach is a decision you’ll never regret, but these top three reasons can get you started!

Unsurpassed Beauty

If you’re a sand-in-your-toes kind of girl, then you can’t beat the view of the ocean during your wedding. Many couples opt for a sunset ceremony to make it all the more impossibly romantic— plus the heat isn’t as intense then!

Florida offers such an incredible variety of beaches that you are guaranteed to find the beach that embodies your idea of beautiful. Whether you want a popular beach lined with upscale resorts or a private beach surrounded by nothing but trees and small cottages, Florida has you covered.


A beach wedding takes a great deal of complexity out of the wedding process. The ceremony doesn’t even need to involve chairs if all of your guests are comfortable standing! And shoes? They’re not required when the ocean is twenty feet away. Even your dress can be simpler.

Your guests, meanwhile, can feel a bit more at home in more casual clothes with colors that match the natural blue and green hues of nature.

Show Your Personality

This is your chance to show exactly who you and your future spouse are! Whether you get married in a bathing suit, jump in the ocean after I do, or shower your bridal party with buckets of sand, a beach wedding is the perfect way to embrace your personality to have more fun than you could have thought possible.

You can also exhibit your romantic personality through the gorgeous wedding photography opportunities on the beach. Nothing says Hang it on the wall! quite like a picture of newlyweds sneaking a kiss in the sand dunes.




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