Stretch Your Wedding Budget at the Beach

081815CarvajalMoreno-62.jpgThe words “expensive” and “wedding” quite frequently travel as a pair, but it doesn’t have to be that way! A beach wedding is the perfect way to stick to your budget while still guaranteeing a beautiful and unforgettable celebration. Just follow these simple suggestions to watch the dollar signs of savings add up.

First, you’ll save a great deal on attire. A beach wedding doesn’t require a $3,000 designer dress; instead, you can get away with choosing a more casual dress that costs only a fraction of a standard wedding dress. As for the men, they don’t need formal tuxedos that make them want to pull at their bowties all night! Khakis and a button down shirt will do the trick and save an extraordinary amount for everyone involved. Same with the shoes—if you even wear them!

Second, be strategic about your venue. Your best option is to get married and host your reception in the same area so that you don’t need to pay two fees. If that’s not a possibility, you can get married on a public beach since it only costs the amount of a permit, and then find an affordable venue. Big, fancy resorts cost top dollar, but one beach bride reported paying only $300 for her reception venue by choosing a more relaxed location.

Third, don’t become obsessed with Pinterest. It’s so easy to get lost in the endless wedding ideas, but most of them are far from realistic for anyone not on a movie star’s budget.  If Pinterest doesn’t stop calling your name, look up some DIY decoration ideas so that you can craft your own wedding décor that will embody your own personality and flair.

Last, but not least, don’t be afraid to part from tradition a bit! Instead of spending $200 on gifts for the wedding party, give them a small token of your affection like a letter or picture. Rather than a lavish wedding cake, opt for cupcakes made by a talented friend or family member. And flowers? Buy local and only use as many as you think you’ll really need.

As long as you stick to a plan, you can have your inexpensive beach wedding planned without any financial stress.



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