Preparing the Perfect Wedding: Your Ultimate Beach Wedding Checklist

Beach Decor 2015 120Planning a wedding can be exhausting. After the initial excitement of being engaged has calmed down, most couples start to feel overwhelmed at how much there is to book, prepare and check, to ensure they get hitched without a hitch!

If you book a Florida beach wedding, it’s likely that your planning will be a bit different to an average wedding. Here’s a guide to help you prepare effectively.

Perfect Florida Beach Weddings: A Checklist

  1. Officiant? When you get married on a beach, you’ll need a registered minister or notary to conduct the ceremony for you.

  1. Wedding consultant? Florida beach weddings can be tricky to arrange if you’re taking on the task yourself, so you may prefer to seek professional help.
  1. Location? Florida has many great beaches to get married on. In order to select the right one, you’ll need to do your research, and work out which location is best suited to your needs.
  1. Guest accommodation? Your guests are likely to need somewhere to stay, particularly if they’ve traveled a long way to get there. If so, make sure you choose a beach near to a town or city, with plenty of hotels available.
  1. Airport? If you have any guests flying in, being close to an airport, or at least a train or bus station, would be helpful to them.
  1. You’ll definitely want plenty of beautiful photos of your special day; and you may want to look for a photographer that specializes in beach weddings.
  1. Chairs and other decorations. Remember that a beach doesn’t come with chairs, so you’ll need to ensure that your ceremony has plenty of seating for your guests to enjoy the occasion!
  1. As with any wedding, you’ll need an official license, which you’ll need to sign on the day.

Taking the Stress Out of Your Wedding

If you’d rather let someone else arrange your big day, whilst you relax and enjoy the magical lead up to the wedding, then get in touch with Florida Weddings today. We’ve got a wide range of packages, designed to suit your individual needs.

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