Not a Cathedral: Dressing for a Beach Wedding

10425352_10206304409794017_8469833171367309338_n.jpgNothing quite beats a beach wedding because one can’t help but think about it being similar to a vacation. However, you also have to ponder what you are going to wear. That isn’t always the easiest thing when it comes down to finding the perfect outfit for attending a beach wedding. You might find some interesting ideas below.

When you are deciding what to wear at a beach wedding, you will always have to consider the particular locale in which the wedding will be taking place. You won’t be attending any reserved cathedral or any old ballroom, think about it, you get to head to the beach! What you have to think about is incorporating sandals, dresses that flow nicely and super fun and vibrant jewelry. 

Because of that, the beach wedding really stands apart from all of the other types of traditional weddings. Some can be considered on the formal side, while of course there are those that are totally casual, but no matter what, the key is always to dress accordingly.

Beach Wedding Outfits that are More Formal

Some great formal ideas to think about for women is that if you are possibly attending a beach-side wedding, a great idea would be to try a Grecian-style, long dress. The kind of dress that has a pattern preferably, and some nice, sturdier sandals to go with it. Then some classic jewelry will look fantastic with the overall ensemble.

Consider a belted, solid-colored jersey dress with a shimmering link bracelet. Then try a leather clutch, with a cute little jute wedge. There are so many wonderful online clothing stores that specialize in this type of wedding wear and you would be amazed at the phenomenal deals you can find when you dig around a little.

Beach Wedding in a Cocktail Style

In the event that the beach wedding happens to call for a bit of a cocktail look, the style that many have been going for is the embellished cocktail dress some bold jewelry as an accent. Then to add a little more flair, try applying some of the kind of stilettos that you would typically wear to a cocktail party rather than the flat metallic sandals.

Some Other Good Ideas

If the wedding at the beach is going for the more “trendier” look, consider going with a maxi skirt that would look fantastic with a stylish tank top and accessories that are a little daring.

A beach wedding that is shooting for the more casual look calls for a shorter-styled, cotton caftan. You then could enhance the look with really cool espadrilles and a sparkly, beaded clutch.

I Do…Love the Beach

Hopefully some of these ideas have sparked your interest because you know that summer is on the way. If you are planning on heading to a beach wedding, you have some great food for thought.

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