When Do I Need to Send Out My Wedding Invitations?

Rust_174Planning a wedding takes work. One of the questions that often come up is when a good time to send out the wedding invitations is. You want to make sure that you send them out early enough so that people have time to plan on attending. However, you do not want to send them out so early that they will forget about it. If you send them out too late, people may already have plans.

A good rule of thumb for sending out wedding invitations is about eight weeks before your date. You should start addressing the invitations about three months before your wedding. If you are using a calligrapher, you may want to check with them about four months before the date of the wedding.

Sending out the invitations about eight weeks before the date will give guests time enough to make the travel arrangements and to ask for time off of work if that is necessary before they send them back to you.

Remember, you need to receive the invitations back in advance so that you can start planning the seating arrangements and meal. You should make sure to ask your caterer when you need to provide the final head count. You should typically ask guests to RSVP 3 weeks ahead of time to give you enough time to plan. At minimum you should send out the invitations six weeks before the date and ask for the guests to RSVP two weeks in advance.


If you are having a destination wedding you will want to make sure to send out a save the date card about six months in advance as this will provide your guests with enough time to look for deals on travel and to budget.


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