Captiva Island Beach Weddings

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As the name implies, Captiva Island is indeed captivating. Few visitors can resist the lush tropical scenery, where summer breezes rustle the gently swaying palm trees, and the crystal clear water laps against soft, silky sands! The island is a peaceful haven, with plenty of wildlife and nature to enjoy, while also offering a good social scene, with restaurants, cafes and beachside bars.

This romantic destination makes the perfect location for a Florida beach wedding. Say your vows whilst directly overlooking the vast expanse of the ocean, and afterwards, enjoy all the luxury and laid-back indulgence that only a tropical island can offer.

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Why Head to Captiva Island for your beach wedding?

The island is famous for its spectacular sunrises and sunsets, which are impressively dramatic over the vast expanse of the ocean. It is also renowned for the beautiful, brightly colored shells that wash up daily on the beaches, and the textural quality that they bring to the coastal scenery makes Captiva truly special.

Unlike other beaches in the region, Captiva is more for couples looking to experience a sense of seclusion and intimacy during their wedding day and honeymoon. The beaches provide tranquility and romantic solitude, though there are still water sports activities for those who want to get active whilst away.

What is the town on Captiva Island like?

The town is relatively diminutive in size, but still offers a number of excellent beach-side restaurants, bars and cafes to sit and watch the world go by. Surrounding the town, the roads are lined with giant cacti and vibrantly colored flowers, which give the area a very distinctive, exotic ambiance.

Getting to Captiva Island

Captiva Island, despite feeling a million miles away from the bustle and noise of civilization, is actually fairly easy to get to. Located only a short distance from the coast of Fort Myers Beach, it is also only a short drive from Florida International Airport, making it simple for friends and family to attend your special day, no matter how far they have to travel.

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