What to Include in Beach Wedding Goodie Bags

Premier Beach DecorationsIf you are planning to get married on the beach, then it is a good idea to create goodie bags for your guests. These bags will provide them with some essentials for the day that will help them stay cool and comfortable. Remember, the beach can become hot – quickly – and you need to plan for this accordingly. Some things that you should consider including in these goodie bags include the following.


Cold bottled water is a great thing to include in your beach wedding goodie bags. This will help your guests stay cool and refreshed while on the hot sand. You can also personalize these bottles with custom tags of your name and the date for that little something extra.

Hand Fans

Customized hand fans are another thing you should consider putting in your goodie bags. These too can carry your names and the date of the event. They will also be another way for your guests to stay cool and comfortable during the event.


Small, trial packets of sunscreen are a great option for goodie bags as well. These will ensure that your guests do not suffer a sunburn while waiting for the wedding to begin.

Bug Repellant

Any wedding that is being held outdoors has the potential to host unwelcome guests in the form of bugs. Adding small packages of bug repellant will help you get rid of these critters and keep your guests comfortable.

When you use the tips here you can create a functional goodie bag that your guests will appreciate. Additionally, everything listed here does not cost much, so you will not hurt your budget by providing these things to your guests. Keep this in mind if you are planning a beach wedding.

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