Choosing the Perfect Dress for a Beach Wedding

beach wedding shoesOne of the most exciting parts of any wedding is choosing your wedding dress. You want to look more beautiful than you ever have in your entire life, and your dress should go a long way in helping you to achieve this. Wedding dresses vary on the location in which they are going to be worn and a wedding dress for a snowy church in the mountains is going to differ greatly from one that is going to be worn in a tropical paradise.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a dress for a beach wedding:


Being at the beach generally means that you are going to be slightly warm to hot, and so it is important to choose a material that will compliment this. It is best to go for natural, light materials that will keep you cool, and not stick to your body. A popular choice for beach wedding dresses is Chiffon, as it is light, breezy and not easily crinkled.


Once again this is a factor influenced by the heat and other elements. The best beach wedding dresses are often strapless or have thin straps. You want something that won’t suffocate your neck area and cause you to over heat.


Generally it is best to stick to a medium length or short dress, which can still look incredibly beautiful. Sand, wind and heat often make longer dresses impractical and uncomfortable.


A long flowing train should not be part of your considerations, as it will get dirty in the sand. Instead look at putting flowers or shells in your hair.

Buying a beach wedding dress is exciting, and if you follow this guide you should find the perfect dress that not only looks incredible on you, but that is also extremely comfortable and suited to the beach.


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