3 Ways to Incorporate a Sand Ceremony into Your Beach Wedding

Greasley_054One of the most exciting days that a couple will have is their wedding day. There are a variety of different things that go into the planning and executing of a wedding, but in the end the stress and worry that you go through is more than worth it. Among the most popular additions to any wedding is a sand ceremony. These ceremonies are very popular and highly customizable, which is great for a couple looking to put their own unique stamp on the tradition. Here are a few of the most ways that you can incorporate this ceremony into your wedding.

A Sand Ceremony with Parents

One of the first ways that you can put your own unique spin on this ceremony is by having the parents of the bride and groom participate. This will help to show the bond and closeness that the bride and groom have with their family as well as make a nice photo opportunity.

Doing a Sand Ceremony with Children

Another very unique way that you can incorporate the sand ceremony into your wedding is by doing it with your kids. In some cases, the bride and groom will have children already and what better way to show them how special that they are than putting them in the wedding.

Couples Only Sand Ceremony

For some couples, the best way to incorporate the sand ceremony into their wedding is by doing it solo. A solo sand ceremony is the most commonly used and it will allow all eyes to stay on the bride and groom.

With all of the various ways to incorporate this ceremony, you will be able to make it all your own with very little effort. Make sure that you consult with a professional to get some advice on the best option.

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