Your Guide to Being a Beach Wedding Guest

utencilesThere’s no doubting that planning a wedding, especially a beach wedding, takes careful time, thought, and precision. But being a guest at a beach wedding requires its own thought process! What should you wear? Which shoes will work best? Can you make sunscreen work with your makeup? Don’t worry about a thing. This guide will help you navigate your upcoming beach wedding with style and grace.


Beach weddings are typically non-traditional, with a unique blend of comfort and formality. Women are best off wearing light, flowing fabrics that don’t cling to the body. Linen, chiffon, and organza are all great choices since they can look luxurious while feeling light. Nobody wants to battle sweat marks on a fancy gown!

Men, on the other hand, should forego the fancy suit and instead choose linen pants and a linen button down shirt. A beach bride wants everybody to enjoy themselves, not tug at a tie and sweat through the ceremony. With that said, she may indicate a dress code on the invitation, and if so, pay close attention.


The age-old question! Sand is hard enough to walk on barefoot, let alone in fancy shoes. Stick with flip flops or sandals that are comfortable without looking informal. Wedges can even work since they won’t stick into the sand like high heels.

If the reception is in a building you can always switch into your favorite stilettos in time for dancing, but on the beach itself stay simple and comfortable.


You’re seaside, so use the inspiration when choosing your wardrobe. Bright tropical tones are totally appropriate here, as are gorgeous summer patterns and floral prints. You can’t get away with it at normal weddings, so take full advantage here! Turquoise, coral, tangerine, and even sunflower are unique, beautiful, and perfect for the tone of a beach wedding.

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