Top Tips for a Successful Beach Wedding

Premier Beach DecorationsBeach weddings are beautiful, and increasingly popular, but they are also unique and so present a set of unique challenges and situations that you need to remember and take advantage of. If you are planning on having a beach wedding then you should keep in mind the following tips and ideas:

  • It’s the beach. It’s going to be hot. Therefore the best time to have the ceremony is around sunset- it will be cooler and offer stunning photo opportunities

  • Don’t get sunburnt. It is easy to get sucked in by your surroundings while you are at the beach. So don’t make the mistake of spending too much time in the sun before the ceremony, remember wedding photos are forever.
  • Choose a cool, beautiful dress made out of natural materials. Don’t choose a puffy, hot and huge wedding dress or you are going to be very uncomfortable. The same goes for the groom and his groomsmen, forget about the thick tuxedo suits and rather go for a light shirt and trousers.
  • Remember that heels sink into the sand. If you are insistent on adding some height on your wedding day, then the best bet will be wedges, however simple yet beautiful sandals are the best choice for beach weddings.
  • If you are staying at a resort remember to check out some of their wedding packages. You could find specials on massages for you and your bridesmaids and their may also be a little something for the men in the form of watersports.

Getting married at the beach is one of the most exciting and rewarding settings to get married in, but you must remember that it will be a little different to getting married in a church. Keep the above mentioned list in mind and everything should be wonderful.

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