The Hot New Trend of Wedding Recycling

pink-whiteWith ecological awareness and demands for sustainability on the rise in many industries, wedding recycling has risen as the hottest new trend in the world of brides and grooms. Weddings often cost tens of thousands of dollars. The dress, cake, music, photographer, venue, food, flowers, and other aspects have the potential to add up to an exorbitant price many brides can’t – or would rather not – spend. Similarly, many brides can’t stand the thought of having everything they worked so hard to organize simply be thrown away or wasted after the wedding draws to an end. Wedding recycling gives brides-to-be an affordable way to prepare for their weddings while offering newly married couples donation opportunities to see their wedding items reused.

The Flowers

Many organizations have been established to collect floral arrangements from weddings and transport them to retirement homes or hospice centers to give the remainder of the flowers’ lives more purpose. Considering the time and effort devoted to choosing the perfect flower arrangements, bouquets and centerpieces are able to provide great joy to others who are least expecting it.

The Food

It’s even possible to donate leftover wedding food to organizations like Ronald McDonald House or the YWCA. While strict food handling procedures must be followed, different caterers and organizations work together to help deliver food to people who truly need it.

The Dress

A wedding dress is often sold to another bride for a lower cost than its purchase price, helping the bride-to-be wear a beautiful gown she may not have normally been able to afford while helping the old bride regain some cash flow and give the dress to a great cause. Other brides donate their dresses to charity, since a number of charities sell wedding dresses to support cancer research and education programs. Brides Across America even provides military brides with wedding dresses if they can’t afford to purchase their own!

Wedding recycling is an innovative and generous way to ensure a beautiful, memorable day can provide happiness and memories to others in need.


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