The Best in Florida Beaches

beach wedding shoesOne of the most important events in your life, a wedding, has made it into your schedule, and your life! You couldn’t be more excited, yet nervous, at the same time. So many questions are running through your head, but where to start? Well, one of the best places to begin your wedding planning is the location. A beautiful setting can inspire the whole engagement and what better place than one of natures’ most beautiful spots–a beach!

The Best Beaches To Get Hitched On in Florida

Atlantic Beach

Imagine beautiful white sands beneath your feet and the brilliance of the Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop. Here lies a marvelous beach to consider, close to the airport and a short distance away from Jacksonville. This sandy shore is near the Beaches Museum and History Center, so you can learn more about its history while you make your own history saying ”I do” on the shore.

Fun Idea: To add a little individuality to your waterfront wedding, try placing cute starfish on bouquets.

Sanibel Beach 

Grab a pail and explore the shelly beach of Sanibel. This beach offers more mystery and uniqueness than other Florida beaches. It is filled with beautiful sea shells and can be the perfect backdrop for your “I do’s”. For quiet and seclusion, Bowman’s beach is great for a small romantic wedding.

Fun Idea: If you really want to indulge in the beach theme, you and your sweetie can go all the way with seashell bouquets.

Key West

I’m sure you heard of this spot before and there is a reason why, it’s a stunning place. Small and large wedding ceremonies can benefit from the view of the beautiful sun setting over the ocean. There are plenty of resorts to choose from at this location and since it is such a small island nothing is too far from your reach. Enjoy fun activities such as snorkeling and kayaking. There are too many things to do to have one dull moment.

Fun Idea: Express the laid back feel of the island and sport a short dress for the wedding, sometimes the simplest things can be the most beautiful.

Captiva Beach

Explore a beach where pirates once ventured. Captiva beach is a spot known for its alluring sunsets and shell filled beaches. You can find big colorful shells on this island, natures’ own decoration. With Sanibel just over a bridge, you can enjoy the history that both islands have to offer.

Fun Idea: Use the island to inspire you to create a color contrasting bouquet to pop against you dress and the beautiful backdrop of the beach.

Clear Water Beach

Clear Water beach has a list of resorts you can stay at. Famous for the jumpy dolphins that visit you on boat rides, this beach is ”shore” to entertain. Sorry, had to say it! You and the love of your life can enjoy the night life at this spot that has everything to keep you and your guests moving.

Fun Idea: Let loose and feel the sand between your toes. Your guests will be happy their expensive shoe wear won’t have sand in them forever.

Whichever beach you decide to marry at it’s your love that will make it special, as cheesy as that sounds. Enjoy your moments together as it is only the beginning.

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