Important Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding

burlap-upcloseIf the sand, waves, and salty air are beckoning to you as you plan your wedding, then a beach wedding just may be the type of ceremony for you. This gorgeous location makes a perfect natural backdrop in a laid-back atmosphere, whether you’re off the coast of New England or the Florida. Best of all, a beach wedding doesn’t need to be stressful or overwhelming to plan. Keep these tips in mind when planning the beach wedding of your wildest dreams.

Identify your Beach Personality

All that you need is the person you love and two wedding rings, but your guests need a bit more. Parking, restrooms, seating, and shade are all elements of infrastructure that you need to keep in mind while picking your location. If it’s just you and a small number of family and friends, you have much more flexibility than if you’re hosting 200 people with various needs.

Once you’ve decided what your beach needs to accommodate, search for a coastal town that could offer those parameters. It’s important to always consider the regulations, as beach permits for weddings change based on area. Some rules may increase your freedom, but some may severely impede upon your plans. Only choose a beach that will work with the vibe you envision your wedding will create.

Plan for Weather and Privacy

Once you’ve picked your venue, it’s time to make arrangements for anything Mother Nature and outside observers can throw at you. Rain, wind, and noisy onlookers can cause stress and turmoil, so be proactive in your planning.

Hosting your ceremony around sundown can limit heat for summertime or southern ceremonies, and a wooden structure around the guests covered in a billowing sheet can discourage curious beachgoers. Prepare paperweights and ties to keep everything in place in case of wind, and provide umbrellas or a makeshift tent cover if rain is in the forecast. It’s also a great idea to host your ceremony on the beach of a resort that could hold the ceremony in case of seriously bad weather.

Keep it Simple

Above all, remember that a beach wedding embraces the idea of simple and laid-back. Choose your dress and your bridesmaid’s dresses based on ease of movement, plan your hairstyle for the wind, and get ready for the greatest day of your life.

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