How to Dress for a Beach Wedding

19bWhen you think of a beach wedding, you’re probably thinking of the soft white sand under your feet, the soft ocean breeze, and the spectacular sunset off in the far distance. Your dreams might not include some of the problems associated with beach weddings, like being gawked at by onlookers, powerful winds ruining your hair, or getting stung with mosquitoes.

Beachfront weddings come with their own important limitations, and that’s why we gathered some of the best beach wedding tips here. For some, a beach wedding is the best choice, but making it come off as smoothly as possible takes a little expert knowledge. In this blog post, we’re going to cover beach wedding dress tips.

Dress Right

Ditch the ball gown. A ball gown doesn’t belong on a beach. It belongs in an indoor, formal setting. Even if you’re able to get down the aisle in a long dress like that, it can make walking around the wedding and taking pictures a little harder.

Dress light. Lace trim dresses can be difficult because they will get debris from the beach attached to them. So, choose a fabric that is lightweight, like charmeuse or chiffon so your gown will flow into the soft, smooth ocean breeze.

Say no to heels. High heels and sand just don’t mix well together. Instead, wear sandals or wedges – shoes that won’t sink down into the sand. Sand can get awful hot. Consider laying out fabric or thick flower petals to keep your feet cool.

Don’t worry about a veil. When you’re marrying outdoors, don’t have a long veil. If it’s a little bit windy, it will be really difficult for you and your photographer. Instead, you accessorize your hair with a fascinator or fresh flowers.

For the men, informal is the way to go. While a lot of brides think of their men in a tuxedo, it just won’t work for a tropical climate Lightweight Bermuda shorts are a better option.


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