Decorate Your Beach Wedding: Seaweed, Coral and Starfish

Wedding Pic.jpgThe appeal of beach weddings has never been in doubt. In fact, it seems that more and more people are being inspired to exchange their vows along the seashore. Others are opting to incorporate the beach theme into their ceremony. Considering that this matrimonial ceremony is expected to occur once-in-a-lifetime, it only pays to have the most elegant and memorable event ever. Nonetheless, to make the beach wedding standout it is vital to come up with unique and spectacular wedding ideas. Some ideas worth noting include the following:

Seashell and Starfish Bouquet

People have become accustomed to many types of flower arrangement and bouquets. In fact, most of the flower decorations are based on recycled ideas. One idea that will break the monotony and commonness of the flower decorations is incorporating starfish and seashells. These additions bring out a whole new appeal — a touch of the sea, plus the beautiful flowers. The best effect is achieved by placing one or two starfish on a bouquet. The seashell or starfish should contrast with the flower it is placed on to create a dominant effect.

Seaweed on Clam shells

A beach wedding is associated with the vast sea or ocean. And what better way to portray this than lining the path to the boat or reception with seaweed and clam shells. Seaweed is considered the flower of the sea, while the clam shell is regarded as a natural flower vase. This combination brings out a unique yet elegant appeal that will remain etched in the hearts of the people at the wedding. Varying the seaweed and mixing different varieties brings out the best effect.

Lighthouse Center Pieces

The beach is usually beautiful naturally and this is why many people leave it the way it is. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be wrong to give it a boost or temporary makeover. This is achieved by placing lighthouse centerpieces at strategic locations. Alternatively, large shells or natural coral can also be used. Besides making the venue more pleasing to the eye, these ornamental pieces go a long way in making the ceremony remarkable and unforgettable.

Coral Rock Sculptures

Sculptures and carvings are used to improve the artistic value of a venue. And this is more reason to place some sculptures made from coral rock around the site. Coral is only found in the sea and comes with genuine and natural beauty. The sculptures can be placed near the reception where they can be seen with ease. It is important to stick to large pieces that easily catch the attention of the guests. Some pieces can be decorated with seaweed or water plants for the oceanic effect.

These are only a few of the great ideas that will make your wedding at the beach memorable and exciting. The elegance is showcased right from the tables embellished with beautiful seaweed and water plants, to the grounds decorated with lighthouse centerpieces and coral sculptures. Looking back at the photographs and videos of the event will certainly bring back memories with of nostalgia for the special day. The secret to having the best wedding at the beach is early planning and engaging a reputable wedding planner or organizer.

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