Beach Wedding Planning Tips

Cameron+Kimberly-96Planning a beach wedding can be really difficult, since you need to know how to avoid the problems associated with the setting. Even though a beach wedding is a lot cheaper, easier, and more romantic than a traditional wedding, it does come with its set of problems. Let’s look at some tips from expert wedding planners that will help your beach wedding go a little more smoothly on that special day.

Make sure your guests are prepared. You need to make it absolutely clear to your guests that your wedding will occur on the sand. Talk about your plans on the wedding website or invitation, and make sure your guests are prepared for the sun by filling the welcome bags with required items. Send out tiny bottles of sunscreen, bottled water, hand towels, and small fans to ward off the heat. Still, you don’t want to scare them with the travel bag contents. Send out some goodies and souvenirs as well.

Keep it natural. A spectacular ocean background doesn’t have to be all that dressed up, since it already does most of the work. Instead, you should just try to bring out the natural beauty of the destination. A beach wedding might take inspiration from the natural color palette of the scene. The décor should be simple and minimalistic.

Spice it up with color. To make your setup really come alive with flair, pick colors that contrast with the surf and sand, instead of ones that blend in.


Get a wedding permit. Make sure you investigate the necessary paperwork to have your ceremony on the beach, especially if it is out in public. Furthermore, look into noise ordinances, and make sure that you strictly follow them. You wouldn’t want any sort of issue on your wedding day, because you didn’t follow protocol.

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